AD023 - My First Lesson

Gap-fill exercise

   carefully      closely      complete      confident      firmly      helpfully      loud      modern      nervous      previous      quickly      straight      terribly      unfortunately   

Complete the story by putting one word from the list into the blanks !

I still remember the first lesson I ever gave . I planned it very but as the time to start approached I began to feel . There were voices coming from the classroom but when I opened the door , the noise died down and by the time I reached the front of the room, there was silence.

I introduced myself in what I hoped was a voice and then turned to write my name on the board. It was a whiteboard and the teacher's notes hadn't been cleaned off. A pupil pointed to the board cleaner and explained that I had to press on a button at the top to release a spray of water. , I didn't look at it enough and when I pressed the button a jet of water went into my eye.