AD024 - Adjectives - Comparatives and Superlatives

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in with the correct form of the adjective in brackets.


  1. What is (EXPENSIVE) car at the moment ? - I'm not sure, but I think its a Rolls Royce. It's certainly (EXPENSIVE) than a Ferrari.
  2. Jessica is (PRETTY) girl in our class. She's even than her sister . - That is true but (LATE) is (NICE) isn't she ?
  3. The night grew (DARK) and the noises became (LOUD) and (LOUD).
  4. I am not (OLD) enough to drive , but my (OLD) sister Christina has got a car. She is two years (OLD) than I am.
  5. It was (TERRIBLE) disaster that ever happened on our planet.
  6. How's Alan ? - He's still (ILL) but he looks a lot (GOOD) than the day before.
  7. What's (FAR) you have been away from home ? - Well I was in South Africa once.
  8. Have you heard about the explosion ? - It's one of (DEADLY) in recent years . We'll have to wait for (FAR) news to see what has really happened.
  9. When I was young I loved pizza , but my taste has changed . I like it a lot (LITTLE) nowadays.
  10. Our English test is next week and I am getting (NERVOUS) every day.