AD026 - Adjectives and Adverbs

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in the correct form : adjectives or adverbs.

  1. What's this (AWFUL) smell ?
  2. Why are you looking at me so (ANGRY) . - Have I done anything ?
  3. Please tell Dad to drive (CAREFUL). The roads are (ICY) and the winds are blowing (HEAVY).
  4. Have you seen George (LATE) . - No I haven't seen him at all (RECENT).
  5. The post office is (NEAR) the supermarket.
  6. Bertha cried (SILENT) in her bed last night.
  7. My brother is a (WONDERFUL) cook. Nobody makes roast beef like he does. He says it's (TYPICAL) British.
  8. Charlie is a (HANDSOME) young man and he sings (BEAUTIFUL).
  9. When the days grow shorter it gets (COLD) pretty fast.
  10. The dessert tastes (GREAT).


  1. Jane is (DEEP) worried about her brother.
  2. They played (MOST) jazz at the concert
  3. Our dog smells (CAREFUL) at everything he sees.
  4. My sister has (SUCCESSFUL) passed her test.
  5. My new teacher can explain things very well (GOOD). She seems (NICE) and her lessons are not (BORING). And she (HARD) ever makes any jokes.
  6. Jackie usually takes the (LATE) bus home.
  7. What you said was (HIGH) interesting.
  8. Please send the email to him (DIRECT)
  9. My dad says he can get us some (FREE) tickets.
  10. I (NEAR) forgot to tell you the good news.