AD027 - Villa of the Vampires

Gap-fill exercise

The words in the box are adjectives. Use them to complete the text, making them into adverbs where necessary.

Villa of the Vampires

careful - dangerous - difficult - easy - gentle - good - kind - late - nervous - safe - soft

It was raining as Brad and Jane drove up to the house. Jane rang the doorbell and waited. After a few minutes they heard the sound of footsteps. Eventually the door opened. The man who stood before them was tall, pale, with black hair and dark eyes.

"Yes?" he said . "What do you want ?"

It was very to hear him because he spoke in a very voice.

"Um, thank you for your invitation, " said Brad , .

"Invitation" ?

"Yes," said Jane . "You rang on Thursday evening - to ask us for dinner. "We've just moved into The Grange".

"Oh, of course. Come in ".

"Thank you ".

"Well you've arrived , " their host said, as they took off their coats. "That's . The road is , especially in wet weather. It's so to have an accident in those conditions. But I'm sure you drive ."