AD045 - Comparative and Superlative Forms of Adjectives

Complete the sentences using the correct forms of the adjectives.

  1. He is probably tennis player I have ever seen (BAD) .
  2. Sybille is -working student in our class (HARD) .
  3. Sit over there. It's chair in this room. (COMFORTABLE)
  4. This pub is so noisy. Can we go to a place that is (QUIET)?
  5. I don't have idea of what you are taking about. (SLIGHT)
  6. John is a person than Humphrey. (RELIABLE)
  7. The new Mission Impossible movie is good, but the next James Bond film will be . (EXCITING)
  8. How much is it to the airport? – We'll be there in ten minutes. (FAR)
  9. Why can't you stay a bit ?  - It's only half past six. (LONG)
  10. The more you practice, the you will get. (GOOD)
  11. Piccadilly Circus is one of places in London . (NOISY)
  12. The essay you wrote wasn't very creative. I'm sure you can do . (GOOD)
  13. What's news from the conflict zone? (LATE)
  14. Getting the right people for the job is one of problems we have at the company. (SERIOUS)