AD049 - Adjectives : On A Holiday

   boring      cheap      crowded      expensive      fantastic      fascinating      filthy      freezing      terrible      warm   

Complete the sentences with an adjective from the box.

Katie What did you think of the hotel ? – I thought it was really quite nice.
Hannah Really ? I thought the food was absolutely !
Katie I enjoyed going to the museum. I found it really .
Hannah Oh no ! I thought it was extremely .
Katie I got some quite  things at the market.
Hannah I didn’t buy anything at all. It was much too .
Katie Did you go swimming in the sea?  The water was really .
Hannah When I went, it was absolutely !
Katie There weren’t too many people at the beach though, were there ?
Hannah Actually, it seemed quite to me.
Katie I really liked walking in the streets in the evening. It was so clean and modern everywhere.
Hannah What do you mean ?The streets were absolutely .
Katie Well , I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it. I had a  holiday.