ART009 - Articles

Gap-fill exercise

Choose the correct article or (---) if there is no article !

  1. We live next to health centre on Victoria Street.
  2. Some patients have to stay in hospital for months.
  3. I want to work as engineer.
  4. It’s starting to rain. Let’s go by bus.
  5. There’s plenty of food for everyone.
  6. I usually have cereal with milk and apple for breakfast.
  7. Fortunately, there are few attractive places in this town.
  8. We’ve checked every one of cables.
  9. Laura is very intelligent girl.
  10. It was such lovely day that we went to seaside.
  11. Every child loves chocolates and sweets.
  12. When I was eating nuts I broke tooth.
  13. Hurry up. There’s no time to lose.
  14. Free elections are an important feature of democracy.