CON006 - Connectives - WHAT or WHICH

Gap-fill exercise

Choose WHAT or WHICH for the blanks in the sentences !

  1. He didn't believe I said, annoyed me very much.
  2. There was no directory in the phone booth, meant that I had to go somewhere else.
  3. I did I could, wasn't a lot.
  4. The clock struck 13, made everyone laugh.
  5. In detective stories the murderer is always caught, doesn't happen in real life.
  6. He wasn't surprised at he saw because I told him to expect.
  7. In hospitals they wake patients at 5 o'clock, is much too early.
  8. I'm sure that you say is true
  9. We travelled second class, is much cheaper than first class.
  10. He didn't know the language, made it very difficult for him to get around.