ED005 - Suntans

Gap-fill exercise

Read the text below about suntans. Some of the lines are correct, some have a word which should not be there. If the line is correct, write OK . Otherwise write the word which shouldn't be there into the box.

Most people seem to believe that having a suntan makes you
to look better, but this has not always been true. Less than a
hundred years ago, rich, fashionable women did eveything they
could be to stop their skin going brown. A woman's place then
was in the home and some brown skin was a sign of someone
who had to work at outside and could not avoid the sun. This
remained true from the time of classical Greece and Rome to
the beginning of the 20th centry. While it was only in the 1920s,
when a group of fashionable American writers have started
spending on the winter in the south of France, that the fashion
changed. By this time the world had changed too.Most of
working people worked in factories, not on farms, so having
dark skin it was no longer a sign of being ppor. A good suntan
showed that you didn't need to go to the work. Now, fashions
are changing once again. Although holidays on a sunny beach
are not as expensive as they used to be, and doctors could warn
us of the connection between sunbathing and skin cancer.