ED007 - All About Octopuses

Gap-fill exercise

Read the text below about octopuses . Some of the lines are correct, some have a word which should not be there. If the line is correct, write OK . Otherwise write the word which shouldn't be there into the box.

Octopuses are unusual and interesting creatures.
Though they look strange because they have eight
legs and because they are not invertebrates. This
means that they have no back bones.
Octopuses are such the most intelligent invertebrates.
They can open jars and bottles and to get food.
Parts of an octopus's brain are in there its legs
so its legs can actually think more.
Octopuses can have also remember things. When
an octopus has been solved a problem once, it
remembers and does the same thing another day.
They can remember them different shapes and
patterns. We know this because scientists have
studied octopuses for a long time ago.