GV008 - Money and how to deal with it

Gap-fill exercise

   allowance      budget      cash      credit card      debt      expenses      fees      interest      loan      lottery      savings account      spending      stocks   

Complete the text on how Andrew dealt with money and put the words into the correct blanks.

When Andrew was growing up he was careful with his money. He got an from his parents every week , because he wanted to go to college. He opened a that paid good , so his savings grew. In college he didn't have much money, but he had a and stuck to it. He kept track of the money he spent , and when he bought things, he always paid in .

But then Andrew won $1 million in a and everything changed. He didn't invest in and bonds. Instead he went on a spree. He bought a house, a car and clothes and he spent a lot on travel and entertainment. Soon he had nothing left, so he applied for a and started charging his everyday . To pay his college tuition , he took out a , which he is still paying off. Andrew has a good job now, but he still hasn't got out of .