GV013 - Synonyms

Gap-fill exercise

In the following text, choose the best word or phrases that can replace the words in brackets.

I ran into an old acquaintance of mine a few days ago. His name is Jonathan , but his (COLLEAGUES) always called him Johnny. I (BUMPED INTO) him down the road at a butcher's shop buying meat . Now this was very (UNUSUAL) because Johnny is a vegetarian and has always felt that meat is (DISGUSTING) . "It's just for the children", he explained.

This too was (SURPRISING) because Johnny had always been a bachelor and certainly hadn't had time to become a father since the last time I saw him. "They're my wife's from a/an (PREVIOUS) marriage", he said in a shy voice.

It turned out that he had married someone called Petra , and she had come complete with a family - a boy, a girl and a dog. I knew that Johnny was (SCARED) of dogs, so I asked him how he (MANAGED) . He admitted that he had been frightened at first , but now they were good friends; in fact the (GIANT) dog I had seen waiting outside the shop was the dog in question.

"It must have affected your finances, taking on a family", I said. Johnny wasn't a (WEALTHY) man.He looked a little (SHY) for a moment. "(FINANCE) isn't a problem. Petra has a bit and she has a very good job", he said. "The (PROBLEM) is that I have to stay at home and have to cook all this (TERRIBLE) meat for the children."