GV019 - General Vocabulary

Gap-fill exercise

Choose the correct word for the blanks in each sentence !


  1. Did you see that about wildlife in Africa last week ?
  2. All three channels provided extensive of the Olympic Games.
  3. We covered a wide of topics in our lessons.
  4. The from the airport was very tiring because there was lots of fog.
  5. The young student acted as our when we visited the museum.
  6. Violent programmes on TV may have a bad on children.
  7. The team's recent wins have them for the finals.
  8. The plane circled over the airport until was clear.
  9. The of Rembrandt's paintings ends next week.
  10. Our team faced fierce in the relay races.


  1. It takes a while to to your surroundings after a long flight.
  2. Mr Harris has taken painting since he retired last year.
  3. It was a great to go up in a helicopter.
  4. He said he had never across a painting which he liked more.
  5. I made it clear to him that I had no of selling the painting.
  6. The fan shouted at the of his voice.
  7. I tried to my disappointment at losing.
  8. British Airways the departure of flight BA2789 to London.
  9. The check- time at the airport was 7 o'clock.
  10. The from London to New York takes 6 hours.