GV021 - General Vocabulary

Gap-fill exercise

Complete the sentences below using the words and phrases from the box. There are TWO words you will not need.

awesome - beverage - combined - conscious - contemporary - disapproved - evaluate - eventual - global - immense - kindly - rapid - subtle - thorough - typical - vary

  1. The population growth in the city was incredibly .
  2. The laws in different countries greatly.
  3. Pollution is a problem.
  4. Everyone their efforts and defeated the invader.
  5. The artist uses differences in colour in her landscapes.
  6. The perfect for a five- course meal is water.
  7. An amount of money was needed to buy such a large boat.
  8. The student was of the others staring at her.
  9. Alex of her son's behaviour.
  10. Barking is behaviour of dogs.
  11. The huge military plane was so big. It was an sight.
  12. The first chocolate they produced was very different from chocolate.
  13. Constant training an planning for the event led to success.
  14. He did a job of cleaning the stains out of the carpet.