GI031 - Gerund or Infinitive

Complete the sentence using the GERUND or INFINITIVE (with or without TO)

  1. My sister reminded me late for the ceremony (NOT BE).
  2. Why does he always avoid at me (LOOK)?
  3. I promised by tomorrow. (STOP)
  4. You can go. I don't mind alone. (BE)
  5. I'm already so tired. I need a short break. (TAKE)
  6. After we finished our homework we went for a walk. (DO)
  7. When does he expect for Rome? (LEAVE)
  8. His secretary advised us until autumn. (NOT WAIT)
  9. My boss expects me the report by next Friday. (FINISH)
  10. My dad seems in a very good mood today. (BE)
  11. Mr Jackson warned the boys the wires. (NOT TOUCH)
  12. He advised me against that apartment. (RENT)
  13. Would you please stop so much noise. (MAKE)
  14. He doesn't let anyone in his new office. (SMOKE)