OC008- Gap Year - Open cloze

Gap-fill exercise

Complete the text with one word that best fits into each gap

Doing a gap year

Gap year is the used to describe the year that some students take off before to university. Gap years are quite popular in many countries, the UK, Australia and Germany. There are a variety of options for people who are thinking of taking a gap year. One is to the year travelling around the world. possibility is to spend the year at home getting work experience. A third option is to do volunteer work , at home or abroad.

In 2003, Sam Cooke chose this option and travelled to Ecuador to provide tuition in basic literacy for underprivileged children. "It was a wonderful experience and it really helped me mature".

However, Sam warns it's not for everyone. "Voluntary work is certainly not an easy option and before you go you should make you are properly informed about the living conditions you will find there. Young people need to ask themselves they'll be able to put with these conditions for a whole year."