OC010 - American and British English - Open Cloze

Gap-fill exercise

Write a word which best fits into each gap !

Students of English all the world are aware that are differences British and American English. But how large are the differences really ? The varieties of English have historical roots. pilgrims left England in the seventeenth century , language has evolved, giving rise to changes vocabulary, grammar and spelling. Many of the obvious differences are in the vocabulary used in the two countries. Many of the words that we use today not exist in the seventeenth . "Pavements" in Britain, and "sidewalks" in the USA, only became common later, example.

The two countries also borrowed words form different sources: courgettes imported to Britain from France and zucchini were brought to America Italian immigrants.

Printing was a relatively new invention back then and the spelling most words had not yet been formalised, accounts for many of the differences in spelling.