OC022 - Brighton, A Great Place To Be

Gap-fill exercise

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Complete the text with ONE word that fits into each blank.

Brighton - A Great Place To Be

Brighton Ferris Wheel
Image: Ökologix


There is so much to do in Brighton that it's hard to mention the city has to offer. There are great leisure facilities, including two multiplex cinemas, indoor ice-skating rink and an amusement . Brighton is a great city for music and art lovers. The town is full art galleries, you can buy paintings from local, national and international artists . year there is a "graffiti event" in which people invited to paint whatever they want onto a huge board. There's also a rock festival "Brighton Live" with rock bands from all Britain.

If you come from abroad you won't find it hard to find a job or friends in Brighton. The restaurants and shops are always interested employing people from other countries. If you want to study, the local university a great reputation and is the perfect place for meeting new people.