OC024 - Becoming an Adult - Open Cloze

Read the text about adulthood. Choose ONE word that fits into each blank.


XXXl Becoming an adult is a very important phase in every person's . However, when this happens can be very different depending where you live or which culture you from. Most countries have laws on when adolescents are allowed to do certain things.

In the US, for example, adulthood starts at the of 16, when a person can get employment or a driving licence. Even American youngsters have the right to vote at 18, they can't legally drink alcohol they reach the age of 21.

In some countries of Central and South America, girls celebrate their 15th , which marks their rise to womanhood. Families often church services with their 15-year-old daughters and afterwards have parties with many guests.

In Japan young men and women transfer to adulthood at 20, when they are to vote and drink alcohol. The Japanese even have a special day for this event "Coming-of-Age Day" , the second Monday of January. On this day, the new adults celebrate their families and attend speeches given by politicians.

Until recently young people in Saudi Arabia considered adults at the age of 15 - a time when they started showing physical signs becoming an adult. However, a
years ago the country raised this age to 18.