PA020 - Active to Passive Sentences

Change the following sentences from active to passive !

  1. The dentist pulled out my tooth.
    My tooth by the dentist.
  2. Who delivered that parcel ?
    Who that parcel by ?
  3. The police are questioning him now.
    He now by the police
  4. The waitress serves breakfast at 7 o’clock. 
    Breakfast at 7 o’clock by the waitress.
  5. Who did they give the prize to?
    Who the prize to ?
  6. The news seemed to have shocked him.
    He seemed by the news.
  7. You should take these tablets before meals.
    These tablets before meals.
  8. The teacher has sent him out of the classroom.
    He out of the classroom by the teacher.
  9. You must wash coloured clothes separately.
    Coloured clothes separately.
  10. The mayor will open the new sports centre next month.
    The new sports centre by the mayor next month.
  11. Many parents influence their children strongly.
    Children strongly by most parents.
  12. They were pulling down the building when I walked by.
    The building down when I walked by.
  13. Somebody has stolen Jack's car recently.
    Jack’s car recently.
  14. He expects people to show him more respect.
    He expects more respect.
  15. Has anyone collected the rubbish yet ?
    the rubbish yet ?
  16. Nobody has seen the Queen since July.
    The Queen since July.