PV006 - Phrasal Verbs

Gap-fill exercise

Read the sentences on the left and match the phrasal verbs with their definitions

  1. While cleaning the basement I CAME ACROSS something I thought I had lost years ago.
  2. Joe CAME INTO a lot of money , which changed his life completely.
  3. They decided to GO AHEAD with their trip despite the bad weather conditions .
  4. That tie GOES WITH your suit nicely .
  5. The child WENT THROUGH a lot before recovering completely .
  6. I WAS ABOUT TO leave home when some unexpected visitors arrived .
  7. The doctor wanted to GO OVER the test results with the patient .
  8. We were promised that the hard times would BE OVER soon .
  9. I must BE OFF now. My parents are expecting me soon .
  10. It took the woman a few minutes to COME ROUND after she had fainted .