PV016 - Phrasal Verbs

Gap-fill exercise

   along      away      down      in      on      out      to      up   

Fill in the gap with a preposition from the list to make a phrasal verb.

  1. She brought two children on her own and it wasn't easy.
  2. I am looking forward going on a holiday next week.
  3. I have decided to cut on smoking.
  4. Stop talking and get with your work.
  5. They are too far ahead for us to catch with them.
  6. I'm afraid we have come against a problem we can't solve.
  7. I dropped on Bill and Mary on my way home.
  8. Jack stole most of the money and got with it.
  9. How do you get with your the new manager ?
  10. Maria has grown of playing with dolls. She's a teenager now.
  11. You're walking too fast. I can't keep with you.
  12. I really look up my teacher and treat her with respect.