PV017 -Phrasal Verbs

Gap-fill exercise

   across      after      for      into      on      out of      over      up      with      without   

Fill in the gap with a preposition from the list to make a phrasal verb.

  1. The fantastic dinner more than made for the bad room service.
  2. Oh my god ! We have run petrol.
  3. Students must learn to stand for themselves and not take everything for granted.
  4. I'll call you when the time comes. So just wait.
  5. The police are looking the problem.
  6. How can the city officials deal the traffic problem?
  7. Herbert came an old painting when he was tidying up the attic the other day.
  8. I am counting everybody to help me.
  9. My older sister always keeps picking me.
  10. If you can't come we'll have to do you.
  11. Max has got his illness and is on his way to a good recovery.
  12. They live the money her parents give her.
  13. Helen takes her mother. Just look at the way she walks.