Suffixes and Prefixes 2

Complete the sentences using a negative form of the word in brackets !

  1. I'm sorry I her message completely. I simply didn't pay attention (UNDERSTAND)
  2. We as soon as we got to the hotel, then we went for a walk (PACK)
  3. She was here a minute ago but then she . I don't know where she went . (APPEAR)
  4. We usually have similar opinions but I totally with him on this subject (AGREE)
  5. My homework was so bad that I had to it (WRITE)
  6. Her alarm clock didn't go off and she (SLEEP)
  7. It's to bring those things with you on a plane (LEGAL)
  8. She finally managed to the door and we were able to go in (LOCK)
  9. I the movie but everyone else enjoyed it (LIKE)
  10. I don't think I will pass the exam but I can it in September (TAKE)


  1. He wrapped my present so well that it took me five minutes to it (WRAP)
  2. I was so tried that I fell asleep without getting (DRESS)
  3. My spell checker corrects a mistake whenever I a word (SPELL)
  4. That bill can't be right. I think he me (CHARGE)
  5. This handwriting is impossible to read. It's (LEGIBLE)
  6. I thought it was very of him to treat her in such a brutal way (POLITE)
  7. He has been for over two years now and there is no sign of him getting any work (EMPLOY)
  8. She can never wait for five minutes. She's so (PATIENT)
  9. The store closed down but it will next month (OPEN)
  10. You can get a bad stomach from (EAT).