PREP016 - Prepositions

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in the correct prepositions !

  1. Her friend gave her secret by mistake.
  2. He has tried to give smoking twice but hasn't succeeded.
  3. When milk turns sour it gives a horrible smell.
  4. They were forced to give to the enemy.
  5. James went the flu.
  6. The fireworks went at midnight.
  7. There wasn't enough cake to go .
  8. The detective carefully went the facts with the witnesses.
  9. The film was so sad she couldn't hold her tears.
  10. I was asked to hold while the secretary went to fetch Mr Winters.
  11. We were held on the motorway for three hours.
  12. Father was proud the way his son handled the affair.
  13. Jim has a good relationship his parents.
  14. It took him a long time to recover his injuries.
  15. The fog prevented the plane taking off.
  16. She is very popular her classmates.
  17. He took pleasure watching his grandchildren play in the garden.