QF014 - Quantifiers

Choose the correct word or phrase.

  1. We have of things we need to do before the even starts.
  2. I'll get back to you in minutes.
  3. My sister only had time before her train departed.
  4. Can I ask you for advice?
  5. I have a books I don't need any more.
  6. I didn't recognise on the photo.
  7. people in Switzerland speak at least two languages.
  8. My brother watches Manchester United match he can.
  9. I can't come because I have homework to do this afternoon.
  10. Jimmy is not old to watch such a movie.
  11. Unfotunately there are activities for teenagers,
  12. Put hands on the steering wheel.
  13. of her relatives has seen her recently.
  14. My father has work to do, so he's got a lot of free time.