T069 - Future Tenses

Gap-fill exercise

Complete the sentences using the Future Simple, Future Continuous or Future Perfect Tense.

  1. part in our play ? You're really a good actor. ( YOU TAKE)
  2. By next June, I in London for ten years. (BE)
  3. I in London next year, doing the same old job. (BE)
  4. This time tomorrow, Maria on a beach in Rimini. (SUNBATHE)
  5. Don't make too much noise after midnight - I soundly, I hope. (SLEEP)
  6. If I don't have too much work to do this year, I think I the novels I am planning to write by the end of the year. (FINISH)
  7. You'll be late for the train . I you to the station if you like ? (DRIVE)
  8. It's strange that when we get to Sydney, we half way across the world. (FLY)
  9. I to Madrid next week, so I can give you a lift. (DRIVE)
  10. Today is Tuesday. Jack says he his assignments by the end of the week. (FINISH)