T070-Past Simple and Present Perfect Simple Tense

Gap-fill exercise

Past or Present Perfect Simple - Fill in the correct form of the verb !

  1. I all the housework. The flat is really clean now (DO)
  2. A young couple the house next door, but they didn't live there long (BUY)
  3. Our visitors . They're sitting in the garden now (ARRIVE)
  4. I my bank card and I can't find it anywhere. (LOSE)
  5. We never any money back then (HAVE)
  6. The match a few minutes ago but United yet (START , NOT SCORE)
  7. My sister away from home but she came back a few days later (RUN)
  8. to America ? (CHURCHILL EVER GO)
  9. Prices up . Everything is more expensive this year (GO)
  10. The Prime Minister the new university earlier today (VISIT)
  11. I Andrew for weeks (NOT SEE)
  12. this week's magazine yet (YOU SEE) ?
  13. They there for 10 years, but then they moved somewhere else. (LIVE)
  14. The postman the parcel at 8 in the morning yesterday. (BRING)