T072 - A once famous film star

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in the correct form of the verb into the gap .

Thirty years ago Suzy McGuire was the greatest film star in the world. She live in a big house in Hollywood where she twelve servants. When we asked people about her, many thought that she . That's because Ms McGuire any interviews to the press since 1976. So where is she now ?

Ms McGuire is still a very rich woman but she in Hollywood any more. Twenty years ago she to a small village in the south of France where the sun always . These days, she a wonderful time with her husband on a cruise in the Aegean islands.

Last month one of our reporters permission to publish Ms McGuire's biography. At the moment she about whether it is a good idea to have her life story published or not. She is a bit worried about having her pictures taken and printed in the newspapers because she believes that she a lot.