T074 - Narrative Tenses

Gap-fill exercise

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb (PAST and PAST PERFECT) !


  1. We on the beach when it to rain (SIT, START).
  2. Simon returned the money he a week earlier (BORROW)
  3. While I was shopping my purse (STEAL)
  4. My letter did not arrive because I to put a stamp on it (FORGET)
  5. While he across Central Africa, John caught Malaria. (TRAVEL)
  6. When I woke up a man next to me, asking my name. (STAND)
  7. When Paula the book, she lent it to me. (READ)
  8. Sonia by a car when she was cycling to school. (HIT)
  9. I there for three hours when at last it was my turn to speak to the official. (STAND)
  10. Frank knew he a terrible mistake as soon as he saw the message "file deleted" on his computer screen (MAKE)
  11. When I the curtains this morning, I realised it all night (OPEN, SNOW)