T077 - Present Perfect Simple and Continous

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in the correct form of the Present Perfect Tense (Simple or Continuous) :

  1. I don't know what time it is; my watch (STOP).
  2. How long (YOU BE) a fire-fighter ?
  3. I (LOOK) for you since 7 o'clock . - Where ? (YOU BE)
  4. The government (ANNOUNCE) new laws to fight unemployment.
  5. I (BE) to many countries in Europe, but I (NEVER VISIT) Poland.
  6. Jane (NOT EAT) any meat since she was six.
  7. We (SELL) tickets for the concert since March.
  8. (YOU HEAR) the news about the earthquake ?
  9. How long (YOU STAND) in this queue ? - Well , I (JUST BE) here for a bit over an hour.
  10. They must be so tired. They (REPAIR) the car the whole morning.