T085 - All Tenses

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in the correct tenses !

  1.   (You, speak)  to my sister yesterday ? No, I   (not see) her for ages.
  2. They   (play) a game when I   (enter)
  3. He usually   (come) to see me every day, but today he   (not come) yet.
  4. We normally (have) breakfast at 7.
  5. Why   (you, wear) such a coat this morning ? I   (never , wear) one till October.
  6. I   (need) a new suit. They   (offer) special prices at Macy's this week.
  7. The water in the pond   (freeze) last night.
  8. Why were you talking to that man while I   (wait) all the time ?
  9. Mary   (wear) a new hat when the wind   (blow) it away.
  10. My grandmother   (walk) in the park every day.
  11. My aunt   (walk) in the park when I   (meet) her.
  12. The old lady   (mend) stockings when the lights   (go) out.
  13. After he   (drink) too much whisky, he   (swear) never to drink again.
  14. I   (knock) at the door for ten minutes without success.
  15. Come and say good-bye. Our guests   (leave) in a minute.
  16. Mary usually   (wear) a hat when she   (go) shopping, but today, as the sun   (shine), she   (not wear) one.