T086 - Past Tense Simple or Progressive

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in the correct form of the PAST TENSE : Simple or Progressive !

  1. My brother (DRINK) while he (DO) his homework.
  2. He (WALK) into the classroom, then he (SAT) down.
  3. Harry (SING) a song when Jane (COME) in.
  4. Nothing (HAPPEN) when I turned on the radio.
  5. It (START) to rain while I (WALK) through the park.
  6. Jackie (LISTEN) to the radio when the doorbell  (RING).
  7. He (FIND) some money when he (CLEAN) the cupboards.
  8. He (SEE) the accident when he (DRIVE) home from work.
  9. While Jimmy (TELL) a joke his teacher (WALK) in.
  10. The Smiths (FLY) to Italy yesterday.
  11. It (BEGIN) to snow while we (PLAY) football.
  12. They (LIVE) in Portugal when the earthquake (HAPPEN)