T131 - Past and Past Perfect Tense

Choose the words from the list

Choose the correct tense .

  1. After I to phone her several times I finally gave up.
  2. Before I out I had tried to call her.
  3. After I had paid for the meal I that there wasn't anything left for the bus.
  4. As soon as I had finished my exams I a few days off.
  5. I told him that I in an eastern European country.
  6. We had just come home when someone to knock at our door.
  7. I shouted at him because he his homework.
  8. Before I phoned mom I up my room.
  9. After I had painted the ceiling I to rest.
  10. I fell ill because I something bad.
  11. As soon as he had recognised me he .
  12. Once I everybody I wondered what to do next.