T132 - Present Simple or Present Progressive

Fill in the correct tense: Present Simple or Present Progressive

  1. I I can do the homework all by myself. (THINK)
  2. She to be a nice girl. (APPEAR)
  3. I for a nonprofit organisation at the moment. (WORK)
  4. Ian a shower at the moment. Could you call back later ? (TAKE)
  5. Jack in a few minutes. You have to hurry. (LEAVE)
  6. I to go swimming during the hot summer months. (LOVE)
  7. That book to me. Give it back. (BELONG)
  8. I what you are saying, but I it. (UNDERSTAND, NOT BELIEVE)
  9. My mum a day off during the summer months. (NOT GET)
  10. What for a living ? (YOUR DAD, DO)
  11. I usually the bus to school but today my sister me. (TAKE, DRIVE)
  12. What ? - I a glass of wine. Would you care to join me? (YOU DRINK, HAVE)