T133 - All Tenses

Put the verbs in brackets into their correct forms.

  1. When they arrived the match . (ALREADY START)
  2. When I first met him he told me he architecture . (STUDY)
  3. My elder brother in bed for over a week. (BE)
  4. At the moment the whole team out of work. (BE)
  5. Look over there. Someone to get on the moving bus. (TRY)
  6. She to the hospital three times before she was allowed to play again. (BE)
  7. When the medical team found her she out of her nose. (BLEED)
  8. How long your own office? (YOU HAVE)
  9. I'm wondering if you can help me. I for a job for months and someone me your phone number, so I to ring you up. (LOOK, GIVE, DECIDE)
  10. The new community centre for the public next Friday. (OPEN)
  11. The teacher told us that the time to correct our homework. (NOT HAVE)
  12. How to work? - Sometimes I myself, and in bad weather I usually the bus. (YOU USUALLY GET, DRIVE, TAKE)