T135 - All Tenses

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.


  1. My friend the answers to all the questions. He's a genius. (KNOW)
  2. I finally found my wallet. I for it for over a week. (LOOK)
  3. By the time Monica leaves university, she for 8 years. (STUDY)
  4. I'm starting a job with my dad's company after I college. (FINISH)
  5. Mary around to see me later on. (COME)
  6. I'm so tired. I for miles and the village isn't anywhere to be seen. (WALK)
  7. I in my rocking chair when the phone . It after a few rings. (SIT, RING, STOP)
  8. When we home from the party yesterday evening, we a strange object in the sky. (DRIVE, SEE)
  9. I think I buy theses shoes. They fit perfectly. (BUY)
  10. The last train to Manchester at 10 minutes to midnight. (LEAVE)
  11. Mom the book she reading a few days ago. (NOT FINISH, START)
  12. Three people in a fire a few days ago. Three days before, there an explosion in the same neighbourhood. (DIE, BE)