T136 - All Tenses

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.


  1. What ? - I an email to a friend in China. (YOU DO, WRITE)
  2. We always to the mall on Saturdays. It pretty crowded there. (COME, GET)
  3. My friends us at the airport tonight. (MEET)
  4. I on a biking tour in Cornwall once, but that was a long time ago. (GO)
  5. We back from our holiday. It was magnificent. (JUST COME)
  6. Do you have any plans for this afternoon ? - Yes,I a walk in the park. (TAKE)
  7. Can I speak to Claire ? - I'm sorry, she at the moment. She her hair. (BE, WASH)
  8. At 8 o'clock yesterday morning we to the beach. (DRIVE)
  9. Excuse me, for someone ? - Yes , I for the manager. (YOU LOOK, LOOK)
  10. When I into the room, the baby was sleeping . (WALK)
  11. Here's my report. I it. (JUST FINISH)
  12. I think I a ham sandwich for lunch. (HAVE)