T137-All Tenses

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.


  1. My husband me flowers before. This is the first time. (NEVER GIVE)
  2. Helen life in Madrid difficult at the moment. - Probably because she Spanish. (FIND, NOT SPEAK)
  3. Martha in hospital for over three weeks. They her go home before the weekend. (BE, NOT LET)
  4. Joe was out of breath because he for an hour. (RUN)
  5. At this time tomorrow we in the Rockies (SKI).
  6. You very much. Aren't you hungry ? (YOU, NOT EAT)
  7. I my schoolmates for ages. (NOT SEE)
  8. Rachel and Jack a few weeks in Central America. (SPEND)
  9. I felt tired because I to a party the night before. (BE)
  10. Dinosaurs the earth millions of years ago. (ROAM)
  11. She the book by the time she has to bring it back to the library. (READ)
  12. The phones since the news was announced in the morning. (RING)