T138 - All Tenses

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.


  1. Prices up. Everything is so expensive this year. (GO)
  2. When I the cupboard, all the cups and pans out. The whole kitchen was a mess. (OPEN, FALL)
  3. Jack is a very sociable person. He many celebrities. (KNOW)
  4. I went to the ticket office but they most of the tickets. (ALREADY SELL)
  5. By the time she turns 40, she many titles. (WIN)
  6. We to eat at a restaurant but it was too full. (GO)
  7. When we got to Central Park, people and children . (WALK, PLAY)
  8. cricket? - No, but I baseball when I in the US last fall. (YOU EVER PLAY , TRY, BE)
  9. Leicester a game so far this season. They to win all their games last year. (NOT WIN, MANAGE)
  10. Elvis Presley in a number of films before he in 1977. (STAR, DIE)
  11. I think one day people to Mars. (TRAVEL)
  12. I can't go to the course tomorrow . I on my new project all day . (WORK)