T139 All Tenses

Fill in the correct form of the verb in brackets !

  1. Do you realize that you on my toe right now? (STAND)
  2. When we to see them last night they cards. (GO, PLAY)
  3. I am sorry that I to leave the party so early last night, because I myself. (HAVE, ENJOY)
  4. The boys cards when they their father’s steps. They quickly the cards and out their lesson books. (PLAY, HEAR, HIDE, TAKE)
  5. The train just started when the door suddenly and two passengers in. (OPEN, LEAP)
  6. These wokers are never satisfied. They always . (COMPLAIN)
  7. This book is about a man who his family during the war and to live on a Pacific island. (LEAVE, GO)
  8. While I for my passport I this old photograph. (LOOK, FIND)
  9. everything that the newspapers say ? - No, I any of it. (YOU BELIEVE, NOT BELIEVE)