T140 - Present Perfect Tense - Simple or Continuous

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the PRESENT PERFECT tense !

  1. Where's Jonathan ? - I think he (JUST LEAVE).
  2. It the whole afternoon. I wonder when we can finally get out of the house. (SNOW)
  3. I Herbie for half a year. (KNOW)
  4. My sister biology for 7 semesters. She'll be finished by next spring. (STUDY)
  5. We our neighbours since last Christmas. (NOT SEE)
  6. Jack in the bank's office for over two years. He likes it there. (WORK)
  7. Jerry a dog for two months. (HAVE)
  8. There many disasters in southeastern Asia in the past few decades. (BE)
  9. I on the report for an hour, but I yet. (WORK, NOT FINISH)
  10. The boys their bikes the whole afternoon. (CLEAN)
  11. We several nice people on our holiday so far. (MEET)
  12. The storm hundreds of houses . (DESTROY)