T141 - Present Perfect Tense - Simple and Continuous - Advanced

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the PRESENT PERFECT tense !

  1. Maurice young adults his whole life. (COACH)
  2. No wonder you've got stomachache . You cake the whole morning. (EAT)
  3. I on my presentation all evening. I yet. (WORK, NOT FINISH)
  4. John Grisham many legal thrillers in his career. (WRITE)
  5. We to Spain every summer since my dad died. (BE)
  6. ? - You smell of whiskey. (YOU DRINK)
  7. The students very hard for the exam this Friday. (STUDY)
  8. I don't want to go to the cinema. I that movie three times already. (SEE)
  9. Now that we our dining room, it looks a lot better. (RENOVATE)
  10. My sister the piano a lot lately. She's having a performance tomorrow evening.(PRACTICE)
  11. We each other for ages. (KNOW)
  12. Tom at the office since 7 a.m. (BE)