T142 - Present Perfect Tense - Simple and Continuous

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the PRESENT PERFECT tense !

  2. I out lately. I feel a lot better now (WORK)
  3. How long your future husband ? (YOU KNOW)
  4. Your hands are dirty ! What ? (YOU DO)
  5. Mom and I for over an hour even though we have an appointment. (WAIT)
  6. How many times to northern Africa ? (YOU BE)
  7. Russians to the moon . (NEVER TRAVEL)
  8. I your book very thoroughly. It's very interesting. (READ)
  9. We our car all morning, but we're not finished yet. (REPAIR)
  10. She dinner yet. (NOT PREPARE)
  11. Jack weight for months. Look at him now ! (LOSE)