MC006-Gillian Anderson - The X-Files - Fill in the missing words

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Gillian Anderson was born in Chicago on 9 August 1968 but she moved a lot during the early years of her life because of her father‘s work. After spending the first two years of her life in Puerto Rico the family moved to London.

the age of nine, Gillian and her family moved back to the US. This was a time because Gillian had problems making friends at her new school. She lived in a world of her own. As a , she became rebellious. At high school she always got into for arguing with her teachers. Once she was because she had broken into school at night. As a teenager, Gillian became a punk. She made her father angry when she came home with a nose ring.

Despite her troubles at school, Gillian was a girl. Early in her youth she showed great acting . At 14 she played a part in a school production of Romeo and Juliet. However at that time, Gillian didn’t want to become an actress. She wanted to be an archaeologist, and it wasn’t until in her school career that she changed her mind.



She moved on to study acting at DePaul University and gained a in Fine Arts. Afterwards she went to New York to start her acting career. Her first came when she was chosen to act in a play called Absent Friends, for which she won an award in 1991. , it took a longer time before she was offered another good acting job.

Gillian never wanted to work for television. But then she auditioned for the part of special Agent Dana Scully in Chris Carter’s TV series The X-Files and was successful. The TV series shows two FBI agents , Mulder and Scully, who work on unexplainable . Although that had a close working they did not get on in private life. In fact, it was another member of the X-files team that captured Gillian’s heart. She fell in love with Assistant Art Director Clyde Klotz and soon got pregnant. Chris Carter had to rewrite the episodes of the series so that Gillian could act while she grew bigger and bigger. Her daughter , Piper Maru, was born in September 1994.

Soon , Gillian came back to the X-files. The TV series continued for seasons and even two feature films were made.