MC008-Greenland - Largest Island in the World

Gap-fill exercise


Greenland is the largest island in the world, measuring 2,670 km from north to south, but with a of only about 56,000, one quarter of which lives in the capital. It just south of the Arctic Circle, so its summer temperatures from 0° C to 15°C. 85% of its 2,175,000 square kilometers is with a massive ice cap, which holds 9% if the world's water. If all this ice were to melt, the world's oceans would by six to seven meters.

its name, Greenland is anything but green. Its bare haunting landscape is made up of grey granite rock and icebergs, with only tiny pockets of greenery.

The Inuit people, known as Eskimos, were the first people of this island. Then, around 980 A.D., Eric the Red, a bloodthirsty Norwegian Viking, to the island and a colony. He named it Greenland, in order to settlers. His trick worked and the colony grew but then died out and mysteriously in the 1400s. In 1721, the Danish established a settlement there, and for over 200 years, until 1979, when Greenland was an autonomous nation within the kingdom of Denmark.