MCC014-Frankenstein - The Best of All Horror Stories

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Frankenstein was by Mary Shelley, the wife of the English poet P.B. Shelley, at the beginning of the 19th century. From the moment it was it became popular and has been translated into many languages. Frankenstein is said to be the mother of all horror stories . Frankenstein is often used as the name of the monster, but, in , it is the name of the scientist who created it.

Walton, an English , tells the story of Frankenstein through the letters he . We learn about Victor Frankenstein, a science student who discovers the of life and decides to make a human being. After bones and bodies from a graveyard he produces a that is more of a monster than a man.


He is very large and ugly, and people are when they see him. As a result the poor creature is , depressed and has no friends. As the story moves on it asks Frankenstein to create a wife as a . When the scientist , the monster attacks and kills not only Frankenstein's brother but also his friend, and his bride, Elizabeth. Frankenstein is sad and decides to kill the monster. , however, Frankenstein dies while it. In the end, the monster kills itself.

The first Frankenstein movie appeared in 1910. It is a story because of the Shelley produces, a monster that is both sad and frightening at the same time.