MCC023 - Family Helpline

Gap-fill exercise

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Fill in the blank with the correct word !

Family Helpline

Do you depressed? Do you and your brothers or sisters to argue all the time and you don't understand why ? Does your brother or sister you or is everything the why it should be ?

Statistics show that there are times in every family when things just out of control . It's nobody's , but everybody's responsibility. At times that , Family Helpline can help. We care families and we want to help you make your family work again. Our counsellors deal people just like you all the time. We are not always successful, but we help many families to live together again in .

Our assistants help you to stop each other of causing the problem. You all want to a solution and sometimes talking to someone outside the family can make a . So if you need us, call 222-3489. We are 24 hours a day, seven days a week.