MCC025 - Polar Bears

Gap-fill exercise

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Choose the correct word for the blanks in the text !

Polar bears are the carnivores in the world that live on land. They are found in the Arctic and their preferred is on top of the Arctic ice. Here , they seals for food, and mate. Polar bears are very good swimmers , they paddle with their front and hold their hind legs flat to help them change . Sadly, polar bears are becoming seriously for a number of reasons.


Polar Bear

Oil companies are into the area, bringing a growing of oil pollution. At the same time, the Arctic ice is melting, global warming. Polar bears feed on the ice , so if it , they will . A third danger comes from over-hunting. Thankfully, conservation are now working to parts of the Arctic and the that lives there. The Great Arctic Reserve, for example, is now a sanctuary for a variety of , such as seals, wild reindeer and foxes.