MCC027 - Seasonal Affective Disorder

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Seasonal Affective Disorder

Choose from the four words the one that fits best into the spaces of the text.

Have you ever thought , "Oh, no ! Not another grey, rainy day !" Bad weather can really affect your , can’t it ? Most of us get depressed at some point  the winter, and we can’t wait for spring to come. For some people,   , those dark, cold winter days can cause real medical problems.

Doctors have  a condition which is as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and it can be a big problem ins countries in northern Europe where the winters are long and . SAD sufferers find it difficult to , often feel depressed  or anxious  and their behaviour the people around them.

The whole problem is by  a lack of sunlight. Bright light affects the chemistry of the brain although scientists don’t understand  how.  There are two main  . The first is to travel to a country that has  a warm  , with bright , sunny winters. The second is to use  light. So if its raining  and you’re  , perhaps it’s time you had a holiday in the sun.